Dan DeLorenzo

Founder, DDD Infographic

DDD Infographic (2006-present)

∞ Founded the independent infographics, design and production firm to serve clients needs.

The United Nations, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (2008-2012)

∞ Joined the organization’s Communications and Information Service Branch as a Public Information Officer to found a new Visual Media Unit.
∞ Focused on disaster response cartography and the production of visual media for advocacy, including print, audio and video production in the field.
∞ Redesigned mapping practice and standards for organization-wide deployment.

Bloomberg News (2006-2008)

∞ Founded a News and Information Graphics Department within Bloomberg News. Managed a staff of 15 programmers, artists and reporters. Examples >>>
∞ Developed technology and business lines for automated graphics projects to serve clients. An example for Swiss daily financial newspaper Tages-Anzeiger, featured the first ever global performance map of all known financial markets as well as a 24-hour market performance charts.
∞ Developed the organization’s first web-deployed news interactives as well as interactive products for use on air by Bloomberg television.
∞ Consulted on the development of interactive mapping application developed within the Bloomberg Terminal.

Wall Street Journal (2005-2006)

∞ Joined the largest daily circulation U.S. newspaper as Graphics Editor. Two examples of reporting-based projects here:
• Theoretical proposal to protect the Mississippi Delta by redirecting some of its flow.
• A 2005 analysis of US home price data was probably the first reporting project to declare the home price bubble had burst was also the first interactive mapping project to be featured on WSJ.com
∞ Oversaw the redesign of cartographic styles for the paper which are still in use and conducted a staff training program to develop GIS skills within the department.

Associated Press (2002-2005)

∞ Worked as a graphics editor at the headquarters of the global news organization completing various breaking news and long term graphics projects generally focusing on international, national and technology news.
• One example of a cartography and data analysis prjewct on global warming here
∞ Spear headed the development of the first ever system incorporating GIS and graphics technology to complete over 500 custom, real-time, print quality maps for the 2004 elections as results came out.

New York Times (Summer 2001)

∞ Worked as a member of the New York Times newsroom graphics department, reported and publish more than 30 graphics.


University of Delaware, 2001 graduate
B.A. English with Journalism Concentration.
B.F.A Fine Art with Painting Concentration.


∞ GIS and digital cartography (ESRI softwares), All methods and softwares for desktop publishing, Macromedia Flash including advanced Actionscript 3.0, Professional Photography (cannon specialist) and videography, Audio and Video editing and production (Final Cut, Avid, Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton), HTML, Web technologies and social media, Database and information design, WordPress, Drupal.